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The ‘Carfax’ of Property Asset Valorisation.
Maintenance as a profit center to master risk!

Asset Management Predictive Maintenance as a Profit Center Master CapEx/Opex.

Mastering Asset Lifecycle

Why? How do you manage the day-to-day and anticipate surprise before they happen?

AI Asset Valuation Simulator

AI-powered tool calculates property value based on meticulous maintenance records and renovations, optimizing asset value.

Revenue Optimization

By leveraging AI to analyze repair and renovation data, we enable property owners to justify rent increases and enhance revenue streams across various unit types.

Energy Efficiency Innovation

Our platform streamlines energy consumption monitoring to reduce costs and carbon footprint, aligning with EnergyStar standards across water, electricity, gas/oil, waste, and recycling.

Risk Monitoring IoT Integration

Connect building equipment through Cisco Meraki IoT sensors, enabling real-time monitoring of environmental parameters like air quality, humidity, temperature, water leaks, and door openings, along with smart power management.

AI-Powered Maintenance Scheduling

Our AI-driven scheduler optimizes maintenance schedules, ensuring timely upkeep while minimizing operational disruptions.

Unified Building Data, no data migration needed

By unifying building data, including mechanical equipment, inventories, tenant relations, maintenance contracts, and EnergyStar-compliant energy consumption, we provide comprehensive management solutions.

Enhanced Inspection Process

Our platform facilitates building inspections according to industry standards, providing a centralized document management system for claims, maintenance recommendations, and safety compliance.

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The challenge with maintenance..

..repairs, renovations, and energy efficiency in real estate stems from a lack of comprehensive information, creating what can be described as a “black hole” in maintenance management.

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Lack of Comprehensive Information

According to Building Engines, 67% of property managers struggle with inadequate data for informed decisions, while only 37% have maintenance history data.

This lack of information hinders proactive decision-making and prevents managers from effectively planning and prioritizing tasks.

Reactive Maintenance Practices

Research by JLL indicates that 55% of maintenance tasks in buildings are reactive rather than proactive, leading to increased costs and downtime.

Reactive maintenance can cost up to three times more than planned maintenance, exacerbating financial losses.

Overreliance on Service Providers

Property managers and owners often rely on service providers for maintenance information, resulting in asymmetrical knowledge distribution.

This overreliance can lead to reactive decision-making and overspending on  maintenance contracts, causing financial losses.

Why is this, consequences:

This leads many managers and owners to operate asset equipment until failure or incur losses with abusive maintenance contracts, as building suppliers often possess more information about the equipment in place than the managers.

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Short-term Consequences

Immediate financial losses due to reactive maintenance practices and unplanned repairs.

Increased risk of equipment failure, leading to potential disruptions in operations and tenant dissatisfaction.

Mid-term Consequences

Accelerated asset deterioration due to deferred maintenance, reducing property value and tenant satisfaction.

Higher operational costs from inefficient energy consumption and reactive maintenance practices.

Long-term Consequences

Diminished asset value and prolonged vacancies resulting from deferred maintenance.

Increased risk of system failures, requiring costly emergency repairs. Negative impact on property reputation, affecting profitability and returns.

Master risk with the clarity of asset depreciation for a building.

The clarity of the unknown risk of a building.

According to the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA),

Also mentioned in JLL’s case study :

Repairs and maintenance account for about 15 percent of property management’s total expenses (OpEx).

30 to 50 % of that repair and maintenance goes toward preventive maintenance,

4.5 % to 7.5 % of annual operating costs.

Maintenanceproof is a registry of all equipment, repairs, maintenances, renovation, and inspections made on a real estate asset.

How? Practical insights that bring a light on the black hole of information that is asset maintenance in real estate.

Helping property manager master their time!

AI-Powered Maintenance Planning and scheduling.

Addressing these challenges requires implementing data-driven maintenance strategies and adopting proactive approaches to enhance property performance, preserve asset value, and ensure long-term sustainability in real estate investments.


Percent of savings, from reactive to proactive.


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Save 7.5 % of annual operating costs

Have a copilot for future-proof real estate, because of maintenanceproof

What level of risk is acceptable per building type?
Anticipate risk for your investment strategy to flourish.

Why? Clarity of the unknown. See more posts

From Reactive to Proactive: Trust Maintenanceproof for Building Health

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