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Real estate software to unify and streamline operations

As the real estate industry continues to evolve, it’s important for real estate agents, property managers, and real estate brokers to invest in technology solutions to quickly transform themselves and discover new opportunities.

Unified Property Management

We can create custom property management software that oversees all aspects of your real estate business from one place.

Whether you’re a real estate business owner, a real estate agent selling properties, or a property manager managing multiple units, with Zoho Creator you can automate manual processes, organize data into real-time reports, schedule meetings on the go, and communicate faster with clients.

Why Customized Real Estate Software?

Smooth Migration

Easily import data from spreadsheets or other database applications with our built-in tools.

Go to market faster and easier

Deploy fully functional business applications faster and access them over the web and mobile devices.

Customized security

Meet industry standards to ensure your data is completely secure.

Provides security features such as audit logs, user access control, and automatic threat assessment.

Unlimited flexibility

Tailor your application to your business needs. Gather feedback and make changes, fix bugs and update your applications in real time.

Seamless Integrations

Provides pre-built integrations with powerful APIs, so you can easily connect and share data with the applications and services your business needs.

Versatile, customized real estate software

Attract potential buyers and tenants

Create a custom web page showcasing all your vacant properties to attract potential buyers and tenants. Upload photos, video tours and other information to help them refine their search with filters and find their dream home. Receive listing requests and contact interested parties faster.

Speed up communication between homeowners and potential buyers

When a potential buyer or tenant clicks on a property and requests a call, receive instant notifications with their contact information. Check the owner’s availability and arrange a meeting as soon as possible. Once the property is booked, update it and it will be automatically removed from the search dashboard.

Centralize all your essential documents

Upload an unlimited number of contracts, leases, receipts, floor plans, photos and other important documents into the app. Whether you’re onsite or in the office, access these documents through the native Creator app and share them with prospects and owners whenever you need them.

Provide self-service portals for a better user experience

Easily connect with prospects, owners, vendors, and residents through customized portals. Provide owners with instant online access to payments, reports and important updates. With these portals, you can also allow your residents to pay rent, submit maintenance requests and receive urgent communications with ease.

Optimize maintenance operations

Create online forms and workflows to create an end-to-end automated maintenance process. Residents can submit maintenance repair requests, upload images, fill out descriptions, set priorities, and even check the progress of the request. Property managers can immediately assign vendors to address issues and resolve them quickly.

Digitize the leasing process

Create customized lease templates to meet different requirements and have your tenants quickly fill in the details and sign them electronically. Based on the information collected, schedule notifications for various occasions, such as move-in dates, lease renewals and late rent payments.

Property management applications for you.

Property Maintenance Tracking: Efficiently handle maintenance requests.

Property Management: Develop your real estate business.

Property Asset Management: Manage your rentals

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