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R eal estate has been a late adopter of digitization company of digitization compared to other industries such as banking retail in health care.  

However, there are numerous applications such as virtual tours automated transactions and personalizes services where digital technologies enhance the home buying experience while improving operational efficiency for real estate agents, but all of those are very nice Bells and wishes if a real estate agent does anyone have CRM software to centralize data property per buyer or preventer and he doesn’t even know what’s.

To remain competitive in increased competition real estate companies should explore new structuring options improve operational performance and optimize portfolios to get maximum return.

The reasons why digital transformation is necessary for real estate businesses are :

1- Change in customer behavior and expectations  

The way people search for property is changing.

People prefer mobile and Web searches rather than hiring real estate brokers and they expect that when they hire brokers he knows all the details and information of what they’re looking for and which listing they’ve been looking at.

Therefore the absence of a strong online presence means losing the chance to connect with interested Boyers and sellers.

2-  Change In Technology  

With the implementation of digital technologies such as automation, CRM software companies can improve their operational efficiencies and increase their bottom line.

Products companies are offering products and services

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Automation

  • Big data analytics

  • Process mining

  • Argumented reality and virtual reality

  • Building information modelring

  • Drones

  • Smart contracts

  • Apps that facilitate property search

  • IoT

Predictive maintenance energy efficiency and convenient lifestyle are some of the benefit the real estate sector will derive from digital transformation.

Smart home devices with integrated sensors are another application of iot that increases the value of properties.

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