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Building Asset Management based on Uniformat2

Disrupt Asset Management.

Looking to boost your property’s value?

Improve value and efficiency for future-proofing your property.

Maximize your real estate investments today!

Management of building assets with Uniformat2 components.

Address reactive situations for proactive mastery :

  • Disorganized priority management.
  • Time wasted on issue discovery.
  • Insecurity and idle inventory costs.
  • Disorder and equipment state uncertainty.
  • Shutdowns and production losses.
  • Repair or invest dilemma.

The clarity of unknown in managing building asset equipment
Documenting the memory of Uniformat2 components


Enhanced Tenant Experience

Streamlined communication and advanced security features elevate tenant satisfaction.

Increased Property Value

Proptech integration attracts buyers and tenants, enhancing market value.

Reduced Operating Costs

Energy-efficient systems and automated processes lead to significant savings.

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Buildings structure

Building exterior including roofing decks doors and windows and balcony

Building system such as electrical, plumbing, eating fire protection and security.

Common, amenities and facilities. For example, if residential property, pool gym, gift house etc.

Parking facilities and roadways

Utilities including water and sewage

Landscaping including paths, sidewalks, fencing irrigation.

Interior finishes including floor covering and furnishing

Green building components.

Balconies and patios

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Master Asset Lifecycle!

Certainty to maximize asset valuation and revenue through all steps of building’ component lifespan.

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