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How to Create a Preventive Maintenance Checklist?  

Creating a preventive maintenance checklist is part of the planning process, and is a good way to ensure you’re not focusing on too many items at one time (and risk spending more than you can afford).

A comprehensive checklist will help you remain on task, and will keep the preventive maintenance process streamlined. Rather than trying to retain a vague idea of what might need attention around your business, referencing a solid checklist will help you reach all of your preventive maintenance goals.

To create an effective preventive maintenance checklist, start by listing all of the assets around your business that could benefit from regular inspection. Next, gather original equipment manufacturer (OEM) manuals—if not all, then at least all of the manuals you have on hand that pertain to your assets and equipment. Finally, review the history of your assets. Have certain pieces of machinery had breakdowns in the past? Are you using non-original parts that might affect the machine’s utility (i.e. parts that have been ordered separately from the manufacturer)?

If there are any unique considerations for a piece of equipment, your preventive maintenance plan should include steps that acknowledge those characteristics, in addition to what’s outlined in the OEM manual.

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